Reason for Being…

Welcome to KarmaThreads™, a positive messaging apparel company. We hope you share our flair (or eye) for fashion, our passion for spreading positive messaging and our desire to give back to teens in need.

Imagine the impact we could make – you and I…and all your friends…and all my friends…and all their friends. At KarmaThreads™ we believe that by providing a simple vehicle for giving back; (t-shirts and such), together we can make a difference. 

So whether you are a teen or just young at heart, here’s your chance to look good, do good, with KarmaThreads™.

About Us…

“There comes a time in everyone’s life where they realize they want to do something positive to make a difference.”

Rhonda Lee has an inherent desire to give back to others – as a young girl she was surrounded by parents and grandparents who went out of their way to reach out to those in need. Now it’s her turn. Lee created KarmaThreads™, a positive messaging apparel company fusing vintage flair with contemporary design, to provide a simple way to help teens in need.

Just as her parents did, Lee is sharing that passion to give back with her sixteen year-old daughter Sarah. Working side by side, Lee and Sarah created the first line of t-shirts providing positive messages so needed today... DreamHopeLaugh Often, Love More Love Happens… Love is My Religion…and Positive Soul Model. Lee hopes her experience in sales and marketing over the past 20 years will help her create an “Armstrong buzz” around KarmaThreads™ to help increase nationwide awareness of teens in need.

Do Good.

At KarmaThreads™ we believe that teens and young adults can be a powerful force for change – especially if they have an easy way to participate in giving back. Our line of positive messaging apparel fuses vintage flair with contemporary design – spreading "feel good" messages while providing an infectious desire for all to get involved in giving back.

This is your chance to make a difference… We invite you to join in our crusade to create a conscious generation and generate good karma by providing shelter and nurturing programs for teens in need.  Plus, you’ll love the t-shirts (and such) and you’ll feel good knowing your purchase has a direct impact on creating change. A portion of the proceeds from every KarmaThreads™ item sold will be donated to charities that support teens in need. For further information on the charities we currently work with visit:

New Outlook Teen Center at
Stand Up For Kids at

If you would like to learn more about how to become a charity that partners with KarmaThreads™ please contact us.